The Original Polaris RZR Tree Bar L-Bolt Kit

It all started with our first ever Polaris RZR Tree Bar design. Jeff Houser wanted to not only have the strongest tree bar on the market, but the strongest mounting system. Years have passed and our tree bars have been updated, but our mounting system remains the same.

We always like to offer replacement parts for our products, so we started offering the L-Bolt Hardware Kit by itself as a convenience to our customers. Little did we know, our mounting design would quickly become a popular upgrade for the stock Polaris tree bars as well as many other brands.

Although there are now others trying to replicate our patent-pending design, the Houser Racing L-Bolt Mounting System is still unmatched for its quality, durability, and strength. We machine the bolts in-house to insure the highest grade product while overseeing quality control, and have them special-coated to prevent rusting.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Tree Bars-Nerf Bars-Side Bars-L-Bolt

Of course we would rather have you running our New R2 Tree Bars for the Polaris RZR XP 1000 and Turbo (Because you want your tree bars to be as strong as your mounting system 😉), but we do know our L-Bolt system will work with the Factory Polaris Tree Bars as well as many other brands, and we even did a quick install video for the factory tree bars:

What makes our mounting system so appealing?

  • It is so easy! You can mount your tree bars in 20 minutes or less.
  • They attach to the OEM mounting points
  • You do not have to drill into your frame. Now we do recommend drilling just the threads out for easier installation, but you can install them without drilling if desired.
  • The L-Bolt design is incredibly strong, meaning no more broken off bolts while on the trails!


Not convinced just yet? Check out these reviews from our customers!

“Excellent product that worked just as designed. Made it a lot simpler to install and remove tree kickers from my RZR.” – Braden B.

“These are so much better than the factory…! Well worth the money!” – Kyle R.

“I ordered the Polaris rock sliders and everyone said the Polaris mounting hardware was junk so don’t hesitate and go ahead and order the Houser kit and when I got it in, you could tell the difference in quality! Well worth the money and the install was a breeze!!!” – Duke A.


Ready to get a set of your own?

Click here for the 2-Seater Kit

Click here for the 4-Seater Kit

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