Polaris RZR XP 1000 / Turbo 4-Seater R2 Tree Bars

We are excited to announce the release of our highly anticipated R2 Polaris RZR XP 1000 and Turbo 4-Seater Tree Bars! Much like our 2-Seater R2 Tree Bars, these are an updated design from our previous tree bar. One of the biggest changes from our old design is that they are now a two-piece tree bar. The biggest complaint we heard about our original one piece design is that the box was too expensive to ship. Now, we can package the tree bars more compact saving half the shipping cost!

So now you are wondering, if they are two pieces they aren’t as strong now right? Wrong! The R2 Tree Bars actually tested to be stronger than our one piece design, and are much easier to mount. The bars simply slide together and then can be attached to the OEM mounting holes.

Polaris 4 Seater Tree Bars- Orange

The R2 4-Seater Tree Bars will also utilize our Patent Pending L-Bolt Mounting System. You can rest assured that you will have top-notch mounting hardware that will not break off every time you hit the trail like the factory mounting system.

Another exciting change is that we updated the design to follow suit with the R2 2-Seater Tree Bars, giving it a more sleek look while still providing the same ultimate protection. They even feature the discreet bottle-opener gusset on each side, as well as the classic “HR” laser cut on the ends.

No matter whether you are hitting the trails on the weekends or cruising through the dunes or desert, our new R2 Tree Bars are a must have for any 4-Seater! Not only does it protect the sides from trees, but they can protect the passengers from side impacts from other UTVs, and provide a useful step into the machine. And of course, they make the buggy look pretty sharp too! Check out our video below, or if you are ready to order, CLICK HERE.


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