Why We Love The Ez-Lift Grab Bar (And You Should, Too!)

You know that irritating feeling when you are lifting the rear end of your quad up out of a rut or moving it in the garage and it feels like it just keeps going up and up and the tires haven’t even left the ground, yet you feel like the grab bar is nearly up to your chest? Well it drove us crazy too, and it seems to be a nuisance for hundreds of our riders, so we came up with a solution!


Our EZ-Lift Grab Bar was designed to have a downward angle versus sticking straight out, which provides better leverage for lifting and moving the rear of the quad around. It has been a huge hit among our cross country riders especially. When out racing or riding for long periods of time, you are already wore out without having to lift your quad out of a predicament. With our grab bar, when you get stuck in deep ruts or hung up on a log, it makes it significantly easier to lift the quad while using as little energy as possible.

Another great benefit of our grab bar is how it can assist when loading your quad in the back of your truck. With the downward angle, it allows you to get a better grip and leverage to lift it up and into the truck.

Our EZ-Lift grab bar comes in our standard gloss black powder coat color, and includes number plate tabs. We offer them for the Honda TRX450R, Yamaha YFZ450, and Yamaha YFZ450R.

Shop our grab bar selection! www.houser-racing.com

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