Houser Racing’s Polaris RZR RS1 Build

When we heard that Polaris was releasing a single seat SXS with a 999cc engine, we immediately knew that we wanted to take on adding RS1 parts to our line-up. There has been many companies over the years that have tried to put out a good single seater, but we feel like Polaris is the first to really hit the nail on the head. Where the Ace feels like more of a utility quad with a roll cage, the RS1 has the stance and suspension of an XP 1000 2-seater, and is the most agile RZR to date. We have worked tirelessly these past few months engineering and testing to produce the strongest and best looking parts for the RS1.


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Roll Cage

We have always been known for the quality, strength, and look of our roll cages. We wanted to bring that same style we have used for the 2-seater when building the cage for the RS1. The cage is a dual hoop design with multi-directional triangular gussets for maximum strength. This allows the cage to take a hard impact at any direction. The cage comes with seat harness tabs, so you can use the OEM harness or an aftermarket one. We went a different route with the roof than we have in the past. We opted for a polyethylene roof instead of aluminum so it is more light weight while maintaining its strength, and stays in sync with the look and aesthetics of the machine. The roof has a recessed light bar pocket that fits up to an 18″ light bar. The cage also comes with mounting holes in the front to fit either our full or half windshield especially designed by us to work with our cage. It pops on and off so installation and removal is a breeze. It was designed to work with the roof to keep water out of the cab instead of allowing the water to splash back in or run in off the roof like other set-ups.

RS1 Front Bumper Front View Indy Red

Front Bumper

Our front bumper really sets the look of the whole build. It has enough coverage to protect the front of the machine without being too bulky. We incorporated the skid plate into the bumper making it extremely durable. The skid plate was designed to protect the front a-arm mounts from hard impacts. Also included is a d-ring for towing, and a section to mount a light bar if desired. The best feature of this bumper is how it is mounted tight against the chassis. This allows the tires to hit before the bumper does when dropping off into sharp ditches or downhills, which makes for a better ride. When the bumper is allowed to hit and dig into the ground, it can cause harsh hits that can injure the passengers as well as damage the front end.

RS1 Tree Bars Front View Indy Red

Tree Bars

When it comes to SXS parts, tree bars have always been our bread and butter. For us, its more than just a nerf bar for the RS1. We designed our tree bar to deflect trees away from the expensive rear suspension components. That way, you can use the tree bars to pivot around trees or take side impacts without the stress of damaging the side of the machine or the shock and trailing arm. The tree bar was also engineered to have multi-directional gussets similar to what we did with the cage, making them extremely strong.

RS1 Lower Front A-Arms Side View

Maximum Ground Clearance Lower A-Arms

A-Arms have been our specialty for 20 years in the ATV industry. We carried over that same engineering experience when making the RS1 lower front a-arms. The strategically placed cross bars and new ball joint holder design makes these a-arms incredibly strong and a long-lasting part. They also are max ground clearance meaning the a-arm is designed with a bend to give nearly two more inches of clearance perfect for clearing downed trees, rocks, and deep ruts. The ball joints are also a huge upgrade from stock and can withstand the abuse regardless if you are trail riding or racing. Like all of our a-arms, they are externally greaseable and use a needle bearing design on the rear pivot point, and delrin bushings for the forward-most pivot point due to lack of space for bearings. The a-arms are the same width as OEM, so they can be used with the stock upper a-arms.


Rear Lower Radius Rods

One of the most common parts on a SXS to fail is the rear radius rod. The OEM ones are simply not strong enough to take the abuse of offroad riding. We went all out when designing the radius rod for the RS1. It is made out of CNC 7075 billet aluminum making it extremely strong. Our radius rod is a one-piece direct bolt on solution with no adjustments needed, making installation a breeze. We also designed a state of the art 12mm spherical rod end that is all one piece so it can withstand the high radial load and not wear as quickly as a design with spacers. The extreme curvature allows for maximum ground clearance which is desirable for any type of offroad riding or racing.

Note: Although pictured in bare aluminum, the radius rods will only be available in anodized black. 


No matter whether you are trail riding, hitting the dunes, or racing, our RS1 set-up is a complete protection solution that maintains the sleek look of the RS1. Every part is designed to provide ultimate strength so your RZR can last you for many rides to come.

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