New Polaris RZR Rear Lower Radius Rods

We are excited to release our new, long-awaited Rear Lower Radius Rods for the Polaris RZR 1000, Turbo, 4-Seater, and RS1. When Polaris changed the bolt size from a 10mm to a 12mm for the radius rods, we took it as an opportunity to revamp our previous radius rod design and give them a whole new look.

Polaris RZR Rear Lower Radius Rods

Our new Rear Lower Radius Rods are made of CNC 7075 billet aluminum, so in combination with our new, beefier design, they are extremely strong. Although we typically do not offer billet parts, it was such a perfect fit for the radius rods due to the need for extreme strength while keeping the part lightweight. We finished the look of the radius rods with sleek black anodizing over powder coat so the color will last and add a higher-quality look to the already high-end part.

Another new feature is the spherical rod ends. Previously, we used a spherical bearing with bushings to secure the rods into place. With these new radius rods, we engineered a state-of-the-art spherical rod end that is all one solid piece. The benefit of this is it eliminates the need to replace hardware as frequently due to there being nothing to wear together. This will provide you miles and miles of fun without the headache of constantly replacing rod ends.

Polaris RZR Rear Lower Radius Rod - Rod End

One of the best features of our new radius rods are how universal they are between so many models. They fit the Polaris RZR XP 1000, XP Turbo, 4-Seater, and the RS1. They will work on all year models, although if you have a 2016 and older model, there are some mild modifications and additional hardware that will be needed to mount them, as they are made to work with the larger 12mm mount. To read more on how to install these on the older models, check out our install guide.

These Rear Lower Radius Rods have tested perfectly on the trails. With their extreme max ground clearance features and their ability to withstand high radial load, they are a must have before your next ride.

Don’t get stuck out on the trail! Order now!

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